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15. 9. 2018

Co-Operation of Qbit GmbH and G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH


GL Systemhaus

Qbit GmbH and G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH have entered a strategic partnership to cooperate on the development of future-proof audio encoders for Internet distribution. Based on Qbit’s huge experience in designing and manufacturing professional embedded audio broadcast equipment and G&L’s impressive track record in audio transcoding and live streaming distribution over the Internet, the two companies have joined forces to better serve their customers’ needs.

Optimized for modern audio codecs and streaming formats, the new devices will enable content distribution to the ever-growing number of consumer devices under volatile network conditions. Enhanced interoperability will further bridge the gap between audio broadcast and IT realms.

Qbit plans to release first products based on these joint activities in the first half of 2019. G&L has terminated their own audio encoder development and will instead focus on this exciting team effort that will enable reliable and flexible end-to-end solutions for live audio streaming.

About G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH

G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH is the leading systems integrator and managed service provider for audio and video distribution over the public Internet in central Europe. Founded in 1999 by Alexander Leschinsky and Academy Award nominee Hans W. Geißendörfer, G&L has been bridging the broadcast and IT worlds for almost 20 years. Working with more than 40 vendors, G&L designs, implements, and operates even the most complex digital media workflows. Besides its headquarters in Cologne, Germany, G&L also operates from a branch office in San Francisco.


10. 9. 2018

QARION - Qbit RAVENNA Interface Series


Qbit unveils the QARION RAVENNA Interface Series which interfaces AES3 and analog audio with RAVENNA/AES67 networks.
Easy to use, cost effective and compact, QARION offers straight forward ingress, egress and monitoring of RAVENNA/AES67 streams in audio networks and plug-and-play integration of legacy audio equipment to RAVENNA/AES67 networks.

QARION is available in four flavours: 

  • QARION Analog In
  • QARION Analog Out
  • QARION AES3 In/Out
  • QARION Headphone
Download English Press Release - QARION - Qbit RAVENNA Interface Series



8. 9. 2017

Qbit Q880 Multi-Channel Audio Gateway Codec


   Q880 Multi-Channel Audio Gateway Codec

Qbit announces the 'Q880 Multi-Channel Audio Gateway Codec' in compact 1 RU design

Qbit’s ground-breaking embedded technology now offers 128 channels of audio encoding / decoding for STL, DVB audio or web streaming in only one rack unit

Qbit GmbH, leading manufacturer for audio distribution solutions, today announces the Q880 Multi-Channel Audio Gateway Codec, a 128 mono / 64 stereo channel codec with RAVENNA/AES67 for STL, DVB audio and web streamer applications.
Qbit provides one of the most powerful and compact gateway codecs to the market allowing customers to connect their in-house RAVENNA/AES67 infrastructure to the outside world. The Q880 supports all common audio coding algorithms.
128 channels in one RU provide an environmental friendly solution with very low power consumption per channel.

“We are breaking the 8 channel barrier for audio encoding that defined the market for almost a decade starting with our industry-leading Q561 encoder. Now, with the Q880, Qbit is re-defining this standard. Our customers urged us to provide solutions for connecting their Ravenna/AES67 based audio networks to other studios, transmitters, DVB play-out systems and web streaming facilities. Our 25 years of know-how in developing audio codecs ignited us to face this technological challenge. As computers are not appreciated in the audio industry, we use the latest embedded technology and merge it with our codec experience. The result is the brand-new Qbit Q880, which extends our existing codec portfolio.”
says Michael Bläsi, Qbit’s CEO and Head of Development.

To serve traditional AES3 audio applications, Qbit offers an optional breakout box with XLR connectors as well as RS-232 ports for ancillary data transport.
Furthermore, the Q880 offers versatile features such as ACIP compatible RTP, MPEG2-TS through RTP and FEC.

A standard warranty of 2 years (upgradable to 10 years!) underlines Qbit’s confidence.

Download German Pressemitteilung - Qbit Q880 Multi-Channel Audio Gateway Codec
Download English Press Release - Qbit Q880 Multi-Channel Audio Gateway Codec