Our international resellers and distributing partners

Our partners have a high level of experience of the broadcast audio industry and offer a competent technical knowledge of Qbits products and solutions. If you are also interested in becoming a reseller, don't hesitate and contact Qbit. We are looking for professionals to join our forces

 Also, for not listed countries, please contact Qbit at sales(at)qbit.de



Kapetanovic Sistemi

 Kapetanovic Sistemi

  Zagreb, Croatia  
  Phone: +385 1 6040 544
  Contact: Anica Jazic
  EMail: prodaja [at] ks.com.hr
  Website: www.kapetanovic-sistemi.hr


Borch Teknik A/S

Hillerød, Denmark  
  Phone: +45 48 25 30 03
  Contact: Jens-Ole Borch
  EMail: info [at] borchteknik.dk
  Website: www.borchteknik.dk




  City, Country  
  Phone: +33 130 598 834
  Contact: Olivier Robert
  EMail: olivier.robert [at] euplink.com 
  Website: www.euplink.com



Euromedia Service GmbH

  Düren, Germany  
  Phone: +49 2421 69 36 051
  Contact: Christoph Tiede
  EMail: christoph.tiede [at] euromedia-service.de
  Website: www.euromedia-service.de



Maple Audio Technology Corp.

  Shizuoka City, Japan  
  Phone: +81 54 205 1300
  Contact: Shotaro Umezawa
  EMail: sales [at] mapleaudio.co.jp
  Website: www.mapleaudio.co.jp



Sound Design s.r.o.

  Bratislava, Slovak Republic  
  Phone: +421 2 65 45 65 45
  Contact: Robert Oravec
  EMail: oravec [at] sounddesign.sk
  Website: www.sounddesign.sk



Aicox Soluciones

  Madrid, Spain  
  Phone: +34 91 659 29 72
  Contact: Salvador Gomis
  EMail: sgomis [at] aicox.com
  Website: www.aicox.com



Satellite Engineering Group

  Shawnee, KS, Unites States of America  
  Phone: +1 913 375 1146
  Contact: Monty Dent
  EMail: MDent [at] sateng.com
  Website: www.sateng.com