DAE DVB Audio Encoder and Multiplexer-System

DAE DVB Audio Encoder and Multiplexer-System
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As a modular DVB audio encoder system, DAE combines one or several MPEG audio encoders with a transport stream multiplexer. Here separate audio data streams are combined to a multiplex and service information according to ETSI EN 300 468 (Specification for Service Information (SI) in DVB systems) is added. DAE provides the MPEG transport stream in DVB-ASI format. AC-3 data can be included in the data stream as private stream. Encoded audio data streams can be fed into the system via X.21, E1 or Ethernet by means of the corresponding input modules.

Ancillary data can be transmitted in two ways:

  • transmission via private stream embedded in transport stream or
  • transmission inside the ancillary data section embedded in MPEG audio data stream

System configuration is very easy with our convenient software.


MPEG Audio Encoder Module

Audio input digital:
AES/EBU, electric, XLR (IEC958), AC-3 pass-through configurable

Audio input analog:
XLR, balanced, level range 0 .. +18 dBu

Audio coding:
ISO/IEC 11172-3, MPEG I Layer II, ISO/IEC 14496-3 MPEG AAC LC, other specifications by request

Audio mode:
mono, dual mono, stereo, joint stereo

Audio bit rate:
64 .. 384 kbit/s

Sampling frequency:
32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz

Audio frequency range:
20 Hz .. 20 kHz, ±0.3 dB

Audio parameters in AC-3 mode:
automatic bit rate detection, maximum bit rate: 448 kbit/s, transparent transfer of AC-3 frames

Ancillary data:
private stream inside MPEG-transport stream or embedded in MPEG audio data stream according to specification “Broadcasting UECP/RDS via DVB systems V 1.1” from 16.02.2005 (IRT)

Content ancillary data:
transparent, UECP, other specifications by request

Input ancillary data:
serial RS.232, connector Sub-D 9 pins, data rate 1,200 .. 38,400 bit/s Ancillary data can also be fed into the system via the Ethernet interface of the transport-stream multiplexer module

with external software

Transport Stream Multiplexer Module

Packs elementary streams from encoders or X.21 inputs into Packetized Elementary Streams
DVB SI (Service Information):

PAT, PMT, TSDT, NIT, SDT, EIT, TDT (according to ETSI EN 300 468 specifications)

Output interface:
output of MPEG transport stream to 2 ASI interfaces (according to EN 50083-9), connector BNC output of transport stream to one or two X.21 interfaces to connect with G.703 / E1, splitting of data stream (inverse multiplexing) for output to two X.21 interfaces

4 potential-free outputs for passing on status to master system 12 potential-free inputs for control of DAE system by a master system (e.g. to switch configuration)

Interface for communication with master system:
Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) RS.232

with external software, storage of up to 32 different configurations

Communication with PC:
via RS.232 or Ethernet, software for encoder configuration, DVB-table configuration, system status control, storage of configuration data

X.21 Input Module

Feeds an MPEG I Layer II or MPEG AAC data stream into the DAE system in X.21 format
Bit rate:
64 ..384 kbit/s

switchable master/slave

X.21 input:
connector Sub-D 15 pins female

Physical layer:
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps (IEEE 802.3)

Network protocol:

Transport protocol:


E1 Module

Feeds one or several MPEG data streams supplied by an E1 connection into the DAE system
Output of a generated transport stream via E1
ITU-T specifications:
G.703, G.704

Data rate G.703:
2,048 kbit/s

Data rate G.704:
1 x 64 kbit/s .. 30 x 64 kbit/s (max. 6 x 64 kbit/s per MPEG data stream)

E1 module can be configured as master or slave

Sub-D socket, 9 pins female

Power Supply Module

Supply voltage:
230 V ±10 %, 50 Hz

Power input:
50 W

Exchange of the power supply module is possible in operation if the unit is loaded with an optional stand-by power supply module


19" rack mount cabinet, 3U or 6U
Backplane for connection and supply of modules

number of slots 3U:
8 encoder or transport stream multiplexer modules, 2 power supply modules

number of slots 6U:
16 encoder or transport stream multiplexer modules, 4 power supply modules

DAE DVB Audio Encoder and Multiplexer-System DAE DVB Audio Encoder and Multiplexer-System DAE DVB Audio Encoder and Multiplexer-System DAE DVB Audio Encoder and Multiplexer-System DAE DVB Audio Encoder and Multiplexer-System

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