Q806 MPX Redundancy Switch

Q806 MPX Redundancy Switch
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MPX Redundancy Switch:

Qbit‘s Q806 MPX Redundancy Switch brings easy and flexible redundancy control to your MPX or Digital AES Audio signals.

The Q806 MPX Redundancy Switch has two signal paths for each analog as well as digital signals. Each path has two inputs and one output. The decision of which signal is routed to the output can either be set manually by the user or automatically by the system.
In automatic mode, this decision is based on monitoring / measuring all available input signals and by configuring various switching criteria. 

he system is built using latching relays, guaranteeing uninterrupted transmission of the configured input signal during power failure.
For signal monitoring / measurement, all input signals (analog, AES3) are converted into digital and processed by a digital signal processor (DSP).

Redundant power supplies, additional monitoring outputs at the rear and front (MPX, headphone) ensure safe operation.
The optional front panel display with jogwheels adds further possibilities for convenient and simple handling of the Q806.

Management and Control:

The Q806 MPX Redundancy Switch can be managed conveniently via the integrated web interface with all common web browsers.
The device can be monitored and managed via SNMP.
The optional display and jog wheel allow quick and easy switching onsite. Configurable alarms automatically inform your systems about events and errors.  


  • MPX Redundancy Switching (Analog and Digital)
  • AES Audio Redundancy Switching (Digital) 


  • MPX Digital Redundancy Switching
  • MPX Analog Redundancy Switching
  • Digital AES Audio Redundandy Switching
  • 2 separate Input Redundancy Paths (can be switched together or separately)
  • Automatic and Manual Operation Modes
    • based on switching criteria
    • manual mode with fixed input activation
    • super user mode
  • power failure resistant (currently selected input is being transported during power failures) 
  • powerful monitoring
    • MPX levels
    • signal status
    • RDS level
    • audio parameters
    • monitoring outputs on front and rear panel
  • configurable alarms
  • convenient management via web browser, SNMP, front panel (limited)
  • low power, low maintenance  


Inputs (all on Rear Panel)

  • Channel 1 Main and Backup Digital (2x AES/XLR)
  • Channel 1 Main and Backup In Analog (2x BNC 75 Ohm)
  • Channel 2 Main and Backup In Digital (2x AES/XLR)
  • Channel 2 Main and Backup In Analog (2x BNC 75 Ohm) Outputs

Rear Panel:

  • Channel 1 Digital (1x AES/XLR)
  • Channel 1 Analog (1x BNC 75 Ohm)
  • Channel 2 Digital (1x AES/XLR)
  • Channel 2 Analog (1x BNC 75 Ohm)
  • Monitor Digital (1x AES/XLR)
  • Monitor Analog (1x BNC 75 Ohm)

Outputs Front:

  • Monitor Digital (1x AES/XLR)
  • Monitor Analog (1x BNC 75 Ohm)
  • Headphone (1x 6,3mm)

Sampling Rate:

  • 32kHz, 48 kHz

Ancillary Data:

  • via IP (UECP over UDP)
  • transport of Ancillary Data via UECP within the MPEG-2 transport stream 

Operation Modes:

  • Automatic, based on criteria (on/off/thresholds/timing) for:
    • Signal Lock
    • Pilot Level
    • RDS Level
    • BER
    • Audio Silence
  • manual (via web interface/SNMP)
  • manual (via jog wheel)

Network Interfaces:

  • 2 Ethernet interfaces for management and control (IEEE 802.3ab, RJ45, 10/100/1000MBit/s)
    • 1x Rear
    • 1x Front

System Configuration and Control:

  • via Ethernet with web browser
  • via Ethernet with SNMP
  • via Front Panel Display and Jog Wheel (OPTION)


  • all monitoring data can be accessed via web interface and SNMP

Power Supply:

  • integrated switching power supply, input voltage: 100 to 240 V +-10%, 50 to 60 Hz
  • -48V DC power supply (Neutrik PowerCON connector) (OPTION)
  • power consumption: <50W

redundant power supply  (OPTION)

  • The optionally available redundant power supply protects the operation of the device and comes with the following functions:
    • measurement of the power supply voltages, values are provided via web GUI or SNMP
    • SNMP trap generation on power supply fail
    • activation of switching contacts on power supply fail
    • automatic switch-over in case of power supply fail


  • dimensions: 19“ rack mount cabinet, 1 U
  • weight: < 5 kg


  • operation temperature: -10°C to 50°C
  • storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C
  • humidity: up to 95%, non-condensing at 40°C 


Q806 MPX Redundancy Switch (Datasheet, PDF, English)

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