DAR DVB-S/-S2/-C Audio Receiver

DAR DVB-S/-S2/-C Audio Receiver
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DAR is a professional DVB-S/-S2/-C audio receiver designed for the reception of audio data and accompanying ancillary data. It comprises a DVB satellite tuner with MPEG audio decoder and a demultiplexer for the retrieval of ancillary data. DAR can be used e.g. for feeding data to terrestrial FM transmitters (main or standby), where user specific additional data like e.g. RDS are needed beside the audio signal. DAR provides undecoded MPEG audio data feed for DAB transmitters. Data feed for DVB networks is provided by the optional ASI interface.

DAR is available for both DVB-S/-S2 and DVB-C.

The sampling rate of the digital audio output can be synchronised to an external clock connected to the sync input.

For signalling alarm status DAR has 4 dry relay contacts (change-over contacts).

Locally DAR can be controlled by using the built-in key panel and display. Remotely the device can be controlled by accessing the on-system web server with any internet browser or by SNMP, which is a standard feature.

As an option the DVB-ASI interface of the DAR can be replaced by a second tuner (DVB-S/-S2 or DVB-C).


Tuner / Demodulator:


according to ETS 300 421           
Input frequency range: 950 .. 2150 MHz
Input impedance: 75 Ohm
Input level: -65 dBm .. -25 dBm
Input connector: F socket
RF-Loop-Through-connector: F socket
LNB supply voltage: 0, 13V, 18V (400mA)
LNB control: 22 kHz/18V, DISEqC 1.x, Toneburst
Symbol rate: 0.3 .. 45 MSymb/s
FEC: automatic detection (½, 2/3, ¾, 5/6, 7/8)


according to ETS 300 429 and ITU-T J.83 Annex A           
Input frequency range: 51 MHz .. 860 MHz
Input impedance: 75 Ohm
RF-Loop-Through-connector: IEC socket
RRF-Loop-Through-connector: IEC plug
Digital audio out: AES/EBU, electric, XLR
Optical audio out: TOSLINK
Analogue audio out: electronically balanced, XLR, adjustable level +6 dBu (optional 0 .. +12 dBu)
Audio coding: ISO/IEC 11172-3, MPEG I Layer II, AC-3 (pass through)
Audio mode: mono, dual mono, stereo, joint stereo
Audio bit rate: 64 .. 384 kbit/s
Audio frequency range: 20 Hz .. 20 kHz, +-0,3 dB
Headphones out: 6.3mm jack/output 200 mW


Ancillary data, MPEG:

MPEG output: MPEG I Layer II data stream, X.21 synchronous
Ancillary data source: embedded in MPEG audio data stream or private stream inside MPEG transport stream
Content ancillary data: transparent, UECP, other specifications by request
Output interface: RS.232 Decoding Radiotext, Radiotext plus (RT+)

Remote interfaces:
Serial: RS.232, SubD 9 connector
IP port: LAN 10/100, RJ45 connector
IP protocol: HTTP, SNMP

Switching contacts:

Inputs: 2; potential-free optocoupler inputs
Outputs: 4; potential-free relay outputs


Supply voltage: 230 V +- 10%, 50 Hz
Power input: 10 W


Size: 19” rack mount cabinet, 1U
Weight: 3,9 kg


DAR DVB Audio Receiver (PDF)

DAR DVB-S/-S2/-C Audio Receiver

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